How To Style Your Favorite Vintage Graphic T-Shirt

If the clothes in your closet were to be arranged from super casual to ultra fancy, your vintage graphic t-shirts would probably fall in somewhere very close to the super casual end. However, it is important to be able to learn how to dress such a t-shirt up or down. As the traditional notions and ideas about what makes up work wear or party wear change and evolve, the humble and casual vintage graphic tee has managed to pop up as a versatile and extremely comfortable piece that can be seamlessly integrated into a range of different outfits.

Here are a few ways both men and women can style a vintage graphic t-shirt to look stylish and put together:

For men:

  • With shirt and jeans

    For something, relaxed and effortless, wear your t-shirt under a casual shirt that you should leave open so that the vintage t-shirt design can peak through. Throw on a pair of dark wash jeans to complete the look.

  • With a leather jacket

    When in the mood for an edgy look, there's nothing better than a leather jacket. Remember James Dean and his iconic look? You too can channel you inner Dean but swap out his white t-shirt for your vintage piece for a more contemporary twist.

  • With a denim jacket A must have item for all year round, the denim jacket can be paired perfectly with your vintage t-shirt. Do not tuck your t-shirt in and leave the jacket unbuttoned for some off-duty style.

For women:

  • With a statement skirt

    If you feel like your statement skirt look is too over-the-top, you can tone it down and give it a casual spin with a vintage t-shirt. Add in a pair of heels to complement this uber chic look.

  • With jeans

    Obviously, this is a classic - wearing your vintage t-shirt with a pair of blue denims. But to make it more glamorous and polished, tuck in the t-shirt and opt for heels instead of sneakers or flats.

  • With a pant suit

    Pantsuits are all the rage right now and chances are that you too have chosen to jump on this bandwagon. On days you feel a pantsuit is too dressy, a vintage graphic t-shirt will help make the look more sober.

Clearly, this wardrobe staple is worthy of much more than just being something that you wear to sleep or to the gym or when you are "not in the mood to dress up".

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